Monday, 27 June 2011

Style Inspiration: Steampunk

Steampunk seems to be showing up more and more frequently. I recently discovered it through Etsy, and after wondering why old gears were appearing on everything entitled "Steampunk", went right to Wikipedia.

In a nutshell, they explain it as a fusion between steampowered, Victorian era Britain, and futuristic technology. Steampunk has only been popular for maybe 30 years, but never so prominent as now.

Style always has many inspirations. Why not Steampunk as well? No one is alike so you might take away something different than I do from these pictures, or you might hate it altogether. That's fine, leave a comment as to which styles you'd like to see and they'll be next! I think just about anything is worth having a look at. Then it is up to the individual to decide what they will take or leave.  Anyways, too much talking, lets check out some pics ;)

So there you have it, beautiful Victorian inspired fashion with a technological twist.
  • Corsets, goggles, boots
  • Straps, buckles and laces
  • Gears, wires, tubing and other mechanical bits
  • Skeleton keys and timepieces
And yes, I realise Steampunk is not very 'tribal'. However, some tribal fusion dancers are using facets of this style in their costuming, and this blog is for EVERYONE. :) I myself am an ATS dancer and probably won't use any of this in my dance costuming - but I still enjoy having a look and getting ideas for my own personal style :) And if you do enjoy steampunk, you're in luck as I have some simple jewelry tutorials to come!

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  1. It makes me think of Green Day (21st century breakdown album is perfect for this style) but I don't really like it. I prefer gypsy tribal fusion