Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tribal Makeup Inspiration: The Sequel

You can see my first Tribal Make-up Inspiration post by clicking >> HERE<<

This is a very dramatic look. Of course you could switch up the colours, but the contrast beneath the brow bone of white and black is really beautiful.

This is a more colourful, abstract look. Not too sure about the costuming on the right for dancing though - might be a bit warm ;)

A couple simple twists on the classic 'smokey eye look' and you have an extravagant, tribal-esque face. Start with the smokey eye, an especially dark version. Mute the lips. Add false lashes of the length or style you desire. Then using eyeliner, extend the tear lines in a sort of double-wing. Ensure high contrast by adding white or a light colour between the wings!

This is simple as well, but i'm loving the use of white in tribal make-up lately.

Double winged eyeliner on both ends, straightened and pointed brows, and fading dots on the cheekbones and forehead make this a very complex but beautiful look.

More white! The dots across the nose and cheekbone are small but create a more authentic tribal feel.

And of course, miss Lady Gaga, ever the style queen, goes slightly tribal with her make-up in the music video 'Judas'. Not sure about the eyebrows, but the eye liner is intrigueing.

If you have a tribal eye make-up look you would like to share, please email me at thetribalway@gmail.com

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