Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Coin Bra - Inspiration

Coins, cowries and kuchi. How we love coin bras :) Here are a few pics I found, I think they each have a few good ideas that we can use when making our own. I recently made one of my own, so I will be sharing pictures of that tomorrow!

I love the shape of this bra, and the silver ribbons at the top and middle of each cup.
I like the use of black space around the silver to really make it pop and emphasize the line.

Love the use of kuchi pendants cascading down the cups. Can you imagine a shoulder shimmy with this one? The 'dangly bits' would probably jump out an inch or two!

This one is quite nice, lots of coins, jewels for some colour and the chains on each side are nice as well. Normally I wouldn't be crazy about the lace/eyelet bra top coming through but it's not too lacey or obviously part of the bra - even looks like maybe it was added - either way it works. This one is my favourite!

Peacock feathers! Why not, they're beautiful!

I love the gold and red ribbon between the cowrie lines.

Simple and clean, nice coins and kuchi pendants.

Interesting way to display the cowrie shells, and adding a pop of colour with the beads as well!

WINGED DELIGHT - Feather adorned bra with beads and a Medieval coin emblem

More feathers! Now this isn't really a 'coin' bra persay - however might be nice for tribal fusion? I think feathers could work on a coin bra, in small amounts.

What do you think? What are your favourite types of coin bra or favourite details? Or pet peeves? Please share your thoughts :)

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