Thursday, 30 June 2011

My Coin Bra!

So for my birthday this year, my mom got me some coins. I was so pleased! I planned on starting a coin bra this fall, as I had so many other projects that needed finishing. 

Fast forward to this past Sunday. 

Suddenly it seemed completely necessary to make a coin bra in time for the Hafla on Wednesday! So, I bought some fabrics and thread from Fabricland after work on Monday and began the work! It took about 5 hours Monday, and maybe an hour or so on Tuesday. 

This is what I had to start off with:
  • A black bra that had broken between the cups (around $25 originally)
  • Bag of coins (gift)
  • Black stretchy fabric ($3-4)
  • Burgundy fabric ribbon ($2)
  • Black thread and sewing needle ($1)
  • Cowrie shells (recycled from Value Village - $2)
  • Pendant (gift)

Here is what I did (I was so focused I forgot to take any pictures of the process!!):
  • Sewed my broken bra back together!
  • Cut a strip of fabric to cover the length of the bra, both cups and have extra on each end for tying
  • Cut the fastenings and shoulder straps off the bra
  • Sewed the black fabric onto the bra, cutting off excess as I went
  • Cut pieces of the burgundy and sewed it on
  • Sewed on the burgundy straps
  • Sewed on the cowrie shells
  • Sewed on the coins and pendant

Now this was fine enough for me to wear to a Hafla with my fellow student dancers, but believe me when I say this coin bra is only half finished! I plan to cover the cups with more coins and jewels, add chain to the bottom, and more jewels or decoration to the burgundy stripe on the cups. If you have any ideas let me know in the comment section below!

So there you go, my first coin bra!! Hope you like it! :)

(I'll post some pics of the Hafla tomorrow so that you can see what it looked like on!)


  1. I have a question. Are your shells full shells not cut on the back? If so how did you sew them?

    1. Hi Normajean! :)

      The cowrie shells are cut on the back, they're not full. I actually got them from some bracelets I bought at Value Village. The cut shells are a lot easier to sew on and stay in place because of their flat back.

      Can't wait to see what you're working on! :)