Thursday, 2 June 2011

Shopping Spotlight: Kuhl Jewels

Blood Pinwheel BindiCustom Peacock Bindi for TIFFERLYFlor de Suerte Bindi RESERVED for jadeoriental

Molly Kuhl is the maker of these gorgeous, well made bindis. She operates an Etsy Shop from her home in Colorado and is always putting up new sparkly designs! Molly knows what a dancer wants in a bindi, as she is a teacher and performer with Bella Rouge Dance Troupe

This Kuhl lady is very passionate about making these beautiful pieces to adorn dancers everywhere. She says: "Bindi making is incredibly satisfying, SO fun, and a great outlet for me creatively! I'm a very, very creative person and I've always loved making things with my hands. I truly love making bindis, and just love love love the fact that my pretty bindis are making their way around the world!"  Her inspiration stems from her grandmother, who in Molly's own words "was a jewelry maker, watercolor artist, potter, traveler, costume maker, and generally a really cool and quite amazing lady. She also happened to be a belly dancer ~ and she is the inspiration for much that I do in my life, including dance of course!"

Abalone Dream BindiBlue Belly BindiRose Blossom BindiCUSTOM Bindi for beautifulemily23

These bindi's are well made with Swarovski crystals only. Every one is an original! They are shipped safely in baggies and boxed with care. She does offer advice on caring for your bindi's as well:

Use eyelash glue or spirit gum to affix to skin (adhesive not included).

*Proper Bindi Care*Always handle your bindi with gentleness and respect. Do not bend your bindi. Clean your bindi with a soft cotton cloth or a cotton swab. To remove spirit gum buildup on the back, dip a q-tip in spirit gum remover (oil) and gently rub. Do not get your bindi wet! Store your bindi in it’s cozy little baggie, in the box it comes in, in a safe place where it won’t get bumped or bent.

Wedding Tree of Life BindiEmerald Bouquet BindiBig Daddy Skull Bindi RESERVED FOR klipkliphorrayGrey Area Bindi

*** Disclaimer: They are all so gorgeous and drool worthy that it was impossible to include pictures of every style and colour etc. GO and check out her shop to see more! She does custom orders too! ***

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