Wednesday, 24 October 2012

DIY Bindi Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to make your very own bindis - at home - for free (or very little).

Now don't get me wrong, these are no 'Kuhl' jewels, but you can make something pretty that will at the very minimum satiate your need for a new bindi when you don't quite have the cash to buy one.

Now most people have at least glue at home and some kind of sparkly gem or bead - so you might not need to purchase a thing - meaning your bindis are FREE. If you don't have these supplies, you can get them at any craft store - Michaels, Joann, even Walmart should have them.

You will need:

- Fabric paints and/or white glue
- A hard plastic surface - something that you can paint your creations onto and peel them off of afterwards (sour cream lid/ tupperware/ CD case etc)
- Something SPARKLY that you would like to see on your bindi - rhinestones, gems, pieces of earrings, beads, shells etc.

Okay now for the method - it is SO SIMPLE.

1. Using your fabric paint or glue, paint some BLOBS on your plastic surface. Yes we are using very technical terms here. Paint your blobs and don't worry about the peaks that form or how thick they are - we want them thick like that!

2. Next, using a steady hand or pliers or tweezers, drop your sparkly jewels onto the blobs.
 DO NOT push them down. Just make sure the edges are all touching your paint/glue. 

3. Wait until the paint/glue is COMPLETELY DRY. 
Your blobs should be thick, so leave it overnight just to be safe.

4. Peel them off! 
*If you notice some imperfections, you can cut them off with scissors or an exacto knife.

Your bindi can be worn by dabbing some eyelash glue on the back, and adhering them to your clean skin. 

See how the glue dries clear? So it will really look like all that you're wearing is the stone or gem - kind of a neat effect don't you think?! 

What I used for the bindis above: pieces from cheap earrings, beads, a shell and rhinestones over the glue. I used rhinestones on the acrylic paint and fabric paint bindis.

Enjoy your new easy and cheap to make bindis! Send me pictures if you make your own -