Tuesday, 14 June 2011

List of ATS Moves

Sometimes a complete list is hard to find, so here it is, in alphabetical order! Apparently Carolena has recently approved more moves, but they will not be taught until they come out in the next instructional DVD.

* = level one ** = level two

Slow moves:

arm undulations *
barrel turn
belly flutters
belly rolls
bodywave *
camel walk **
circle step *
corkscrew turn **
floreo *
head slides **
puja **
propeller turn ** 
reverse turn **
ribcage rotation **
reverse taxeem **
sahra turn
taxeem *
torso twist *
walking bodywave **
walking taxeem **
wrap around turn

Fast Steps:

arabic *
arabic hip twist **
arabic orbit
arabic shimmy **
   w/arms and turn **
   w/arms and turn and fade and circle
arabic 123
arc arms **
double back w/half turn
double bump **
chico four corners
egyptian step *
  w/ half turn *
egyptian full turn
ghawazee shimmy combo **
pivot bump-choo choo *
   w/ arm 1, w/ arm 2 *
reach and sit **
reverse shimmy
shimmy *
shoulder shimmy-hip drop combo **
single bump **
   w/half turn
turkish shimmy **
   w/quarter turn + half turn **
turkish shimmy
   w/arms and turn
   w/arms and circle
up2 down3 **
   w/half turn+flourish
wet dog

The beautiful and talented Manhattan Tribal


  1. I,v just started to learn tribal dance can you tell me please is there a tutorial dvd or set of dvd,s with all the moves I could learn ,what is it called.and can I get it on line.

    1. I have been studying Tribal for four years now and had to learn entirely from DVDs, YouTube, and general practice with other women from those DVDs and such. After spending the first 3 years practicing and learning that way, I was finally able to attend live classes with an instructor in a city 2 hours from where I live. I studied with those instructors for a year before I couldn't bear the gas costs anymore. Anyway, all that to say I have purchased more DVDs and studied more Tribal online dance tutorials than anything else due to necessity.
      If you want to go strictly ATS such as the moves listed here on this site, then you would need to go to FCBD.com and purchase their DVD series. They run about $35 each and there are currently 9 DVDs. Once you have mastered the steps from these DVDs, a woman named Kristina from Czigany World Fusion Dance who produced so far 3 DVDs on the pivot bump family, the shimmy family, and the Arabic family of moves that are strictly drilling DVDs for the moves covered in the FCBD series. The Drilling and transitioning is critical so I cannot overstate how wonderful these DVDs work together. You can order the Czigany drilling DVDs through www.czigany-dance.com.
      Although I love the FCBD moves in ATS, the first few DVDs with the foundational moves are a little bit unclear about the cues and that can be a little bit of an issue until you understand what the cues are.
      On YouTube, Tribal Moon and FCBD have excellent ATS free tutorials to check out.

      Another set of DVDs I REALLY liked at a lot as well and had a lot of excellent instruction and clear cues and diverse moves are the BSBD (Black Sheep Belly Dance) DVD series. Those 5 discs run about $100 for the whole series but mostly you would need the BSBD DVDs level 1, 2-1, and 2-2...the two IAMED DVDS they offer are MOSTLY repeats of what is covered in the Level 1, 2-1, 2-2 DVDS.
      Wild Card on Youtube studied under BSBD and they have EXCELLENT free tutorials on YouTube.
      BSBD moves are ITS moves and though pretty and awesome in their own right, IF you dance with strictly ATS dancers, they will NOT likely know these moves from the BSBD series and will NOT use them in their own vocabulary. But often you will see people who study ITS will also study ATS and use moves from both vocabularies.
      These are the best ATS type DVDs for the moves I know of. Then there are other DVDs that use sword work with the ATS moves and such.

  2. Fatchance Bellydance

  3. Thank You so much for your valuable tips! I am learning ATS in NYC from Mimi Fontana around 2-3 years and right now I am not able to attend classes so the DVD's are the only way to still practice this dance. I never heard about Czigany and visiting the Website I found very interesting because she addresses all basic must learn moves in the DVD 1. I guess we must give it a try! Tks again and Good Luck :)

  4. Thanks for a great breakdown of the moves for those of us who are awaiting the oportunity to work with a teacher!