Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tribal Makeup Inspiration

Simple, but adds some mystery. Love the feathers...

This look could be great with a bit more colour, dark lips, and maybe some dots added below the eye or on the cheek for a more tribal than 'model' make-up look.

Rachel and Zoe, both sporting classic smoky eye looks.
This is an easy, dark smudgy look that adds lots of drama.


I know this look is completely different, but isn't it beautiful?
The colours are vibrant and the black markings are very dynamic and intriguing.

This cat-eye, double winged eyeliner look is beautiful. Substitute any colours.

This is much more subtle, and seems more whimsical and serene than many other tribal make up styles. 


  1. I love this one:

  2. Amazing amazing amazing!!!