Friday, 24 February 2012

Belly Dance Costumes Gone Wrong

Belly dancers can be very creative, crafty people. The possibilities for self-expression through colour, texture and accessories are infinite. There are many extremely talented people in our midst, including Gwen Heckeroth of Flying SkirtsMolly Kuhl of Kuhl Jewels, Christina of Sihaya Designs and my friend Tiffany of Sareen Dream.

However, sometimes imagination can take people a little farther than it should. Either the costume becomes completely immodest, aesthetically chaotic, or it's just poor quality - not words we want to be associated with our beloved dance! These costume disasters may not support Belly Dance in the way you or I might like it to be portrayed, but they can give us a good laugh! ;) Thanks to the Ugly Costume Goddess Blog for the pics! Most were from ebay or etsy, tagged 'Belly Dance' (if you can believe it).

Whats your favourite? I have to say mine is the Yetti Dancer. Just imagine all that fake fur swaying... ;)

* Of course, please take this with an open mind - there are places in this world for many types of clothing, and the people who made and wear these items are just human - we've all had our fashion faux pas moments, and I don't mean to offend. :)


  1. oh yeah.... The cream one with the capelet and the pasties. Good grief, that is just so wrong :P

  2. Oh. my. god. words fail me for these travesties!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAH bless you for this post. Just....bless you.

  4. Why? For gosh sakes, why?

    I actually like the cheetah/leopard print one. But I would cut off the furry dingle balls and put on a skirt or pants with it.