Monday, 4 April 2011

Shopping Spotlight: Flying Skirts

Flying Skirts is a company started and run by Gwen Heckeroth. She evolved the choli to the 'easy fit' style that is now a staple with ATS dancers. She hand dyes skirts, sews yards upon yards of cotton and silk for her loyal customers and is always coming up with beautiful new ideas. 

Here are a few of her pieces:

 She carries everything from skirts in a variety of fabrics and colours, to pantaloons, coin bras, cholis, veils, cowrie, coin and kuchi belts and more accessories. Go have a look!


In the end my greatest delight continues to be to encourage creativity and self expression in dancers using that old familiar childhood tool "playing dress-up" and its deeper aspect of enrobing to invoke the Goddess within. - Gwen Heckeroth

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