Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Shisha Wall Mirror Tutorial

Hey everyone! As promised here is a project that is easy, quick and will look great in a dance room! A shisha stitch holds a piece of mirror onto fabric for a flash of shine and sparkle. Why not invite that shine into our dance space with an enlarged version? This project is great for using up leftover yarn from making tassels too! Here we go.

You will need:
- Yarn
- Cardboard (I used cereal boxes!)
- Mirrors (I picked mine up from Michaels in 3 different sizes)
- Hot glue gun
Optional: paint, hanging fixture

Step one:
Trace your mirrors one at a time onto pieces of cardboard. Using a compass, you'll want to draw two more circles. One should be about an inch bigger than your mirror, the other about a half an inch smaller. Of course, this is up to you - if you want thicker or thinner that is fine, just make sure there is enough to overlap the mirror. Cut out your circles. (Confession - I am compass-less. I used random round objects from around my house to trace haha.)

Optional: Paint your circle the colour of your yarn. This way if you accidentally leave any gaps in the yarn it won't be noticeable.

Step two:
Wind the yarn around the cardboard circles. Tie or glue in place. This is the longest part of the project; I recommend watching dance videos or a movie at the same time!

Step Three:
Get your glue gun ready! Draw a line on the backside of your 'shisha' around the inner circle, and press onto your mirror quickly. I added more glue to the yarn knot so it wouldn't come undone, and to the edge of the mirror to reinforce it and cover the hard edge so it can't scratch the wall.

Step Four:
You can tie some yarn to the loops and hang it that way, or use some kind of picture hanging hardware like I did, whatever is easiest! I just glued it right on to the back of the mirror.

Step Five:
Hang your mirrors up and you are done!! I did three mirrors as odd numbers of items in a group are generally more eye pleasing. However you could really go all out with this in your decorating and do a shisha border around the room, on one wall or whatever you like. You could get three large circle mirrors and do giant versions to see yourself dance in, or you could do tiny versions and add magnets to them for your fridge! You could add tassels or bling too. The possibilities are truly endless. Enjoy!

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  1. This is an awesome idea - I'll send a picture when I try it out. :-)