Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dance Room Decor

I've been thinking a lot about home decor and DIY projects lately, as we're going through our house room by room concocting ideas and plans for renovations. I can't have a dance room unfortunately, as we don't have the space. But a girl can dream! Anyways, I'm feeling inspired! I want to do a few posts about DIY projects you can make to spruce up your dance room. 

Aaaand in a future post I would LOVE to feature some of your dance rooms. 

SO if you have a dance space, please take some pictures and send them along with your name and any details you want to add to thetribalway@gmail.com and you'll be featured on my blog! 

Fun, right?! Can't wait to see the pics!!

In the meantime, here is a mini DIY tutorial for you to make and put up in your dance room! 

You will need:
- Wooden sign from Michaels/craft store of your choice
- Paint or markers

The sky is the limit - paint it, colour it, adorn it, go nuts! I just coloured mine with a jiffy marker and then used a Sharpie paint pen to doodle tribal-like patterns all over it.

And don't forget - go into your dance room with your camera, TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES, and send them to me!!! thetribalway@gmail.com

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