Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dance Rooms - The Details

Hey guys :) So of course I've been admiring the photos from Janice, Glenda, and Tiffany's dance rooms. Then I saw that they each had some genius in their design which I'm sure they didn't plan, it just happened to look good to them - nevertheless they may be things we wouldn't think of! Here is some of what I noticed that inspired me -  it's all in the details! ;)

From Janice's Room - Jewelry display and inspirational pictures

Janice has some beautiful tribal jewelry, and she has devised beautiful ways to display it when it is not in use. Simple, elegant, beautiful - and practical! In the first picture it looks like she's taken either picture frames or cork boards and covered the middle with black velvet, secured with silver tacks. In the second picture she is displaying rich fabric with a few select pieces over top.

Janice also has a number of gorgeous and inspiring paintings and photographs in her dance room, including this postcard that I just love! Isn't that just exactly how it is sometimes? In reality I may be wearing a tank top with baby adorned drool splotches and a skirt hiked up so it doesn't get caught on the stairs on the way to doing laundry - not to mention messy hair and no make-up. But in my mind I am beautiful - performing a soulful shimmy or double back for my adoring (5 month old) audience. Haha! :)

Glenda's Dance Room - Ego cup and FCBD necklace

If you've learned any ATS, you will know that a component crucial to success is the ability to take off our 'leader hat' and resist pushing our own agenda when it is not appropriate. What could be a more wonderful reminder to surrender our ego than this very practical visual reminder that Glenda has thought up!

Glenda also purchased one of the Fat Chance Belly Dance 25 year memorial coins, and added it to a string of beads to make a one of a kind necklace!

Tiffany's Room - Hair flower ribbon and sari

We love our hair flowers, don't we? So where to put them all? Tiffany made a lovely little flower holder simply by finding some ribbon and using tacks to fix it to the wall in a corner. Then the flowers can be clipped on. I could see doing a few pieces of ribbon, then you would be able to see all of your hair flowers at once rather than having to search for one in a particular colour.

Beautiful sari! Though I don't think I could resist making them into pantaloons, Tiffany saw her curtains in them! Wonderful contrast to the dark orange walls too. Such a fun, colourful and energizing room!

Thank-you, lovely ladies, for sharing your ideas with us!

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