Saturday, 9 July 2011

Make-Up Must Haves: Potion and Perfector

Two of my favourite skin products are Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion and Clinique's Pore Minimizer. They're great for everyday, for dressing up and performing in. (Especially the primer to keep that gorgeous tribal make-up on right?!)  Here are my reviews!

You only need a very small dab on each eyelid of the primer potion, before putting on any eye make-up. Smooth it over the lid and then apply make-up as usual. The first thing you'll notice is the smoothness. Then, if you're using the same formula that I use (in above picture) you'll see that the potion has some tint to it, and removes redness/veinyness from the lids. My eye make-up used to crease by the afternoon, now it can actually last all day! It's also really great for going out or performing, because the base makes shadows and pigments look brighter and last a lot longer.

*Caution - if you use too much potion it can backfire and there will be too much build up on your lid. Use a very thin layer.

I suffer from pot-hole size pores, so this product makes me very happy. Just a thin layer over my nose and anywhere else that needs 'smoothing' (or filling!) and my skin looks so much better. It's oil-free and doesn't make my sensitive skin break-out either which is wonderful. I also like that it is versatile - you can wear it with make-up or without. The creamy beige blends in with my skin tone so I can just leave it at that, or I can add foundation for a more perfectly smooth look. If you have larger pores, I'd highly recommend it. (Oh and the bottles last a looong time.)

*Caution - if you have dry, flaky skin, this product will exaggerate the flakes. If you have oily/normal skin you're fine, but any flakyness at all and you MUST exfoliate first. Also, like the Primer Potion - you only need a little! No one wants to see thick make-up.

Hope these reviews are helpful to you! If you have any product recommendations or want more product reviews on my blog let me know in the comments section below! :)


  1. I LOVE the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer! When I first heard about it I scoffed... "really, another layer of makeup?" but then I got a sample of it, tried it out, and was hooked.

    Have you tried any of the other primers? I bought them but I really only do makeup when I'm performing, and I haven't wanted to try new makeup right before I get on stage!

  2. Haha yeah I felt the same way, I like to keep make-up simple so I wasn't sure if the money and time would be worth it for the primer - but it so is!

    The only other primer I've tried is the MAC face primer. It went on nicely but didn't seem to help much, and my sensitive skin had a horrible reaction. Worst pimples of my life. A friend of mine has acne-prone skin and she tried and after two uses she broke out as well! So stay away!!

  3. Awesome post! I just went shopping today for makeup for my first-ever performance (next weekend). I love eyeshadow primer, it's amazing! I use the Too Faced one, and it works very well. Today I bought an Urban Decay makeup setting spray called All Nighter. I've never used one before but hoping it'll keep all my makeup in place during the performance. Also trying out a new Stila primer--like you I'm aiming for a pore-shrinking effect. :)

  4. This was very helpful, I use the Urban Decay and have wondered about the pore primer from Clinique for many years, now I now and will try it! Thank you!

  5. L - Please comment back here and let us know how 'All Nighter' and the Stila primer worked!I'm very curious to know! I'd like to try another all over face primer.

    Gabriella - Glad this was helpful! I hope the pore perfector works as well for you as it did for me! :)

  6. Update: Stila primer was "meh," but the Urban Decay "All Nighter" was amazing! It really did keep my make-up perfectly in place for a good 7 hours, 4 of which were for an outdoor performance at the SF AIDS Walk. I would definitely recommend it to other dancers. :)

  7. beat an egg white and smooth evenly over the section of large pores. wait until it dries to wash off. repeat once a week until pores are small. and apply moisturizer. best primer for large pores