Thursday, 21 July 2011

Shopping Spotlight: Fat Chance Belly Dance

   You knew you could watch their beautiful performances, be inspired by their costumes and grace, and be mesmerized by their technique. But did you know you can shop with them? Yes, it's true - for those who did not know, Fat Chance Belly Dance has a shop! And guess what else? Until August 31, most things are

They carry everything from hip scarves to music to training DVDs to patterns to jewelry. Here is a sampling! (Click on the picture for the link)

Jaipur Skirt - Click Image to Close
TribalTalk-just the new cover - Click Image to Close

FCBD Signature Zils - Click Image to Close
Tribal Dance Tribal Drums - Click Image to Close
Miao Earrings - 133 - Click Image to Close
So much fun stuff I can't even decide what I want. Now I've never ordered from them before, but I mean c'mon - it's FCBD. I'd expect nothing but the best!

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