Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Foot Undeez

   As a new ATS belly dancer, I'm still trying things out and figuring out how I can dance and learn best. One of the things I've had to determine is what to wear on my feet! I think barefoot is beautiful and seems more earthy and natural so that would be my preference - but it just wasn't working well for me.

   I found that for fast moves such as Turkish Shimmy turns and ASWAT, I wanted the grip of my feet on the floor. However when it came to dancing slow, my feet stuck and I couldn't do turns gracefully! Am I the only one who apparently gets sweaty feet? I didn't know they could sweat...

   I needed something that covered the ball of my feet for smooth slow turns, and left my toes uncovered for fast moves. I decided to cut up some old socks and try dancing with a sock band across the ball of my feet. Of course they slipped around and didn't work very well. Luckily a lady I dance with saw what I was doing and rescued me! She told me about Foot Undeez.

Basically, they were EXACTLY what I needed. They really do look like little panties don't they?! Haha!

These were $24.99 (CAD) at a dance supply store in my city. They come in many colours, patterns and sizes.

   They leave your toes uncovered, offer a smooth, padded surface for the ball of your foot and because of the thong piece and elastic band they don't slip around while you dance! Perfecto.

   The lady at the store told me that for some reason the nude coloured undeez that I purchased tend to wear out faster than the patterned ones. I think I'll go for something a bit more fun next time anyways - leopard maybe? Snakeprint? So many options!!

Capezio Women's H07S Print footUndeez Lyrical/Modern Shoe,Leopard,M (US Women's 8-9 M)Capezio Footundez Black Snake Print (Small Adult 6-7)Capezio Little Kid/Big Kid Print Footundeez H07SC Lyrical Shoe,Pink,Medium M US Little Kid

So I'm curious, do you have the same problem? What do you wear on your feet while dancing, or do you have any tips for dancing barefeet? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Makes me think of diapers.....

    I usually never remove the callus from the bottom of my feet (I remove it from the sides) and that also works well for me. But it's not very sexy at all ;)

  2. I just cannot dance barefoot -- it hurts the bottoms of my feet (especially when I need to pivot or turn). But I don't go barefoot at home, either, so I have no calluses on my feet. I wear ballet slippers, but I have thought about getting something like this -- especially for performing!

  3. I wear Vibram Five Fingers moccasins, which are designed for dancing/yoga/martial arts. They're the shoes that have individual toes. I love them because they give me all the flexibility of dancing barefoot, but they cover my entire foot, so I can wear them at venues where shoes are required.

    The downside is that they are pretty expensive, and also I've had to reglue the sole a couple of times because it started to peel off.