Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dance HIGH

No, the title of this post is not suggesting you participate in mind-altering illegal activity and then dance. I'm talking about that euphoria that comes from dancing. You know what I mean. The smile you can't wipe off your face, the energy, the joy that dancing brings. Apparently there's some science behind it, and it's not just us crazies having a blast. Who'd have thought?

About 30 minutes into physical activity Endorphins start to be produced. These hormones basically inhibit neurotransmitters in the brain, causing our brain to sense less discomfort and pain. Can't go wrong with a natural painkiller right? But there's more! Seratonin and Dopamine also work to give you that dance high. Seratonin increases while excercising and causes feelings of pleasure and happiness. It also boosts self-confidence.We like Seratonin! Then Dopamine connects the brain and muscle memory, and gives you the instinct to know that excercise causes these joyful feelings. It keeps you motivated! Seems to me it's the nicotine! Thankfully addiction to ATS is completely healthy. (Though our wallets may disagree when tempted with jewelry and beautiful skirts...)

There are so many benefits to dance and excercise.
- better circulation of blood, meaning better flow of oxygen and nutrients around the body
- toxins are carried out of the body faster
- improves skin, weight, joints and muscle tone
- reduces chances of disease and depression

So go dance!  Take in some E, S and D and enjoy that natural, free and exhilerating dance high!

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