Friday, 22 April 2011

ATS: The Folkloric Moves

American Tribal Style is made up from many styles of dancing, from many cultures and eras. These are some of the more folkloric looking moves. That does not mean they are historically accurate necessarily, it just means their inspiration is from a folkloric dance, such as cane dancing or indian/egyptian folklore. These moves feel more earthy and are often simpler than the more modern moves.

Arabic Shimmy (not ASWAAT)
Chico Four Corners
Circle Step
Double Bump/Single Bump
Egyptian Basic
Ghawazee Combo
Head Slide
Pivot Bump
Reach & Sit
Ribcage Rotation
Shoulder Shimmy/ Hip Drop
Turkish Shimmy (not TSWAAT)
Wet Dog

Source: Wendy from FCBD -

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