Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Part Two: Zill Mufflers

So, is your husband about to throw your zills in the garbage? Do you hide your zills from your family in hopes they don't abduct them while you sleep? Does your dog start twitching and run away yelping when you start playing? You need ZILL MUFFLERS!!!!

Zill mufflers can be as complicated and beautiful or as simple and cheap as you want.  Some people can crochet some very nice zill mufflers. Here is an example from Etsy:

Shira has a great crochet pattern on her website: http://www.shira.net/zillmufflers.htm

But... what if you can't crochet?! I certainly can't. So I am going to show you how to make the simplest, cheapest pair of zill mufflers EVER. 

- Fabric (Especially bought for this, an old clean sock, or anything in between)
- Zills
- String
- Sewing needle
- Scissors

Step one: Cut a square out of the fabric about three times the width of your zill. 

Step two: Holding your zill on the fabric, cut around it in a circle, so that the excess fabric is about half the width of your zill all around. As my pictures suggest, it does NOT have to be perfect.

Step three: Get your sewing needle and string. You don't even have to tie a knot in one end, just leave a long piece. Thread it in one side, out the other, around the edge.

Step four: Place your zill in the center and pull the strings, like a drawstring bag.

Step 5: Tie a bow :) (no knots needed - we want to be able to get these mufflers off again!)

Step six: Zill away!

Some tips: 
- If you're using thick fabric, you'll only need two mufflers, one for each hand. If it's thin, you can double up the fabric, and/or make 4 mufflers.
- If you want to be all fancy shmancy you could measure it, cut a perfect circle, and even hem the fabric.
- If you have no sewing needle and/or especially large string/yarn, you could cut circles around the edge and fish the string through them.
- You could probably decorate these a lot more - fabric paint, beads, wherever your creativity leads you...

Happy muffled, polite, family-loves-you-again zilling!!! :)

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