Friday, 8 August 2014

ATS, My Friend.

Some good things do come to an end. The years I spent dancing ATS were wonderful years. I made many new friends, pushed myself and found so much healing in movement and new relationships. It was a godsend in a time of my life when I desperately needed revitalizing.

ATS itself has become like an old friend. I don't speak with her as often as I used to, but when I do we connect with joy as if we've never been apart. ATS may just be an exercise class to some, but to me it really became a way of life - it's own little culture. It is a beautiful art form that requires utmost commitment and dedication - the kind of time and effort I just can't quite give it at the moment. I'm at a point in my life where other things must take precedent. My faith, my marriage, and my (hopefully) growing family are my priorities right now. That may sound old-fashioned and stifling to some, but to me it is pure joy!

I am keeping most of my costuming as I hope to find a teacher again one day, or at least continue my sporadic living room dance sessions. I enjoy dancing alone, but my 2 year old daughter dances with me sometimes as well, and I love to see her encouraged to move freely and beautifully.

I will be forever grateful to the admirable, graceful teacher who gave me the gift of dance, and to the encouraging women who I got to know along the way. I had never thought myself coordinated enough to learn to dance or confident enough to take a class. I became stronger and more agile on the outside, yes, but more importantly, my shattered worth emerged as assured confidence - somewhere in the midst of zills and yards of cotton skirts flying around me.

Thank-you for letting me share my friend with you over these past few years. ATS has been a true friend, and I'm thankful Truth Himself gave me the gift of her friendship.

Stay tuned for another very important post about the future of this blog.
*Hint: It is very GOOD news. You will be in good hands!

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