Thursday, 19 January 2012

Delicious Duets

Ah, duets. I think I'm in love. They are just the most beautiful thing to watch, and such a joy to be learning about in my level three class. Solos can be breathtaking and groups can be fun, but I think duets are my favourite at the moment. Such a connection can be present between the dancers that real magic happens. I feel it when I learn a new partner pass in class, and I see it when I watch dynamic performances of duets in videos. There is so much more eye contact between the two dancers, and the ATS mindmeld becomes crucial and awe inspiring to watch or be a part of.

Here are some beautiful duets for your enjoyment ~

(Duet begins at 3:20)

1 comment:

  1. Wow.. that second pair of dancers (from the top) was tremendous! So electric w/such sharp, energized movements! And the last pair- man.. I could watch the shorter lady dance all day. Love the intensity there- and the headscarf too! :D Thanks for sharing!