Tuesday, 15 November 2011

What Does it Take to Perform?

Wendy Allen, Fat Chance Belly Dancer and leader of the student troupe, shares her thoughts in a poignant blog post found here:

She sums it up very well:

So. If you want to perform with an ATS group, here's what you do. Show up consistently to class. Have a good attitude, don't be a diva. Focus, do your best to fit in with the culture of the classes. And no matter how experienced you become, always go back to Level 1 and Level 2, because in spite of what you may think, you have never learned everything there is to learn about any one move.  If you think you know everything, you're sorely mistaken.

Diligence in practice, integrity of character and patience will be your strongest assets. No one wants to dance with a know-it-all, do they?! Humility really is key. Key to opening yourself up to more learning, more experiences, and the key to not annoying your fellow dancers! No one is the teacher but the teacher, and unless she specifically asks, she does not need anyone to help her do her job. Just my two cents ;)

Keep dancing!

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  1. i love tribal dancing!

    you have to check out this! he's the best tribal dancer i've ever seen!