Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Headwrap Tutorial

  One of the key elements of an American Tribal Style belly dance costume used to be the Headwrap. Now it is not used quite as much anymore, but the skill of creating a beautiful headwrap should still be in any ATS dancer's arsenal. If you had a look at my Headwrap Inspiration post you will have a good idea of how they're supposed to look. In this post I will tell you the basics of how to actually create it! Enjoy :)

You will need:
  • Black broadcloth fabric - 3 yards (I think it would help to have a little bit of stretch, but either way)
  • Other accent scarfs of varying colours, styles, etc
  • Accessories - any jewelry, flowers, feathers, clips, adornments etc
  • You may want safety pins or sewing pins to fix some accessories to the headwrap

Now lets get started!

Step One:
Put your hair into a high bun as in picture a). If you have short hair, you will need clips and bobby pins to get your hair off your neck and forehead.

Step Two:
Take your broadcloth and fold it in half lengthwise. The folded edge will cover your forehead as in picture b). Make sure the rest of the length is even on each side.

Step Three:
Twist the fabric outwards. Make sure the twist begins at your hairline and is evenly taut on each side. (c).

Step Four:
Cross the lengths of fabric in the back and bring them out on either side in the front. (d).

Step Five:
Cross the fabric over your forehead as in picture e) and twist each piece around the other. It will look sort of like a knot, but really each length of fabric is just looped around the other.

Step Six:
Tuck the ends into the back of the headwrap, wherever it looks even and won't fall out.

Step Seven:
Choose another scarf or two, even hip scarves work, and wrap them around your head. Tuck the ends so it will not come apart.

Step Eight.
Fix any adornments you have such as flowers, feather or jewelry onto your head wrap. Done!

These last two steps are what really make the headwrap your own. You can match the colours to coordinate with the rest of your outfit, or choose a certain style to go for. Bright scarves will be very fun, flowers and feathers are eye-catching, and dark or monochrome colour schemes with more regal jewelry can look very elegant.

I hope this tutorial gives you a basic idea of how to put together your very own ATS Headwrap!

Beautiful silk fabric flowers provided by Sareen Dream - follow her on Twitter now too! @Sareen_Dream

Also, a big thanks to my beautiful littler sister for being my model :) She'll be helping me with more hair and make-up tutorials in the future!


  1. Wow you are beautiful! As ATF bellydancer I don't really need headwraps, but they're really beautiful! Where are those jewelry from?

  2. I wanted to thank for this great read!I really enjoyed reading.

  3. ...♥...
    Thanks for the tutorial...I suffer from hair loss and I was looking for something special to cover my head...Now I have the perfect answer...