Saturday, 30 May 2015

Rebirth. Rejuvenation. Respect.

R E S P E C T, find out what it means to me!!  Basically, I owe almost everything I love about dance to my teachers.  These beautiful, strong, influential women have shaped me into who I am today.  Having struggled to find my way in this world, these mentors are the calm in the storm.  I have an increased appreciation and passion for colour, textiles, music, and different cultures.  My current teachers are my beacons in the dark, guiding and encouraging me along the way to find my own path.

The concept of 'Tribe' and sisterhood runs through my veins.  My amazing great grandmother wrote her book in 2006 with help from my aunt. She captures incredible stories passed down from generations of spoken-word narrative.

Looking at these photos, I guess it should really come as no surprise - this love for movement and the beat of the drum.

I've been gifted this incredible blog from a dear dance Sister (Thank you, Chella!!).  She holds the utmost respect for American Tribal Style® belly dance, and I'm setting out to do the same.  Let's explore this journey together.

I'd love to hear stories of who your biggest influence has been.  Share a story below in the comments, or email me:

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